Bloomberg claims the US needs more immigration.

Once again another jewish billionaire reveals his hands through his campaigning.  “We need immigrants to take all the different kinds of jobs that the country needs — improve our culture, our cuisine, our religion, our dialogue and certainly improve our economy,” the billionaire told reporters at a Mexican restaurant in Phoenix.

Naturally the US doesn’t need more third world immigrants, which is what he is really referring to, the jews specifically do not want more Europeans coming to America, but rather prefer unintelligent third worlders from countries with no discernable cultural civilization. Billionaires like him DO need more third world immigrants, because they tend to lower wages for the working class, and the difference goes right into his own pockets. Whenever someone tells us that third world immigration is good, it is because they tend to profit more from it, to the detriment of working Americans.

But let’s not forget the true motive behind the jewish push for third world immigration, the slow genocide of White Americans, intended to replace the more intelligent people who historically have resisted the influence of the jews with ihabitants of lower intelligent who are more easily manipulated into relinquishing their rights and wealth.

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