Did you ever wonder…

I grew up essentially having respect for jews. It wasn’t because I grew up around them, I didn’t. In fact I only knew of a couple people who were jewish during my childhood. I didn’t really think of them at all, to me they were just regular people like you and me. Through the media of television and books I learned of the holocaust and all the terrible things that happened to them during that time period, so I felt bad for what they had experienced, but I still didn’t really know many people as jews. It wasn’t until I attended University that I actually began to meet people who made being jewish their main identity.  By that I mean, they made it a point to let you know that they were jewish. It really didn’t matter to me at first, because everyone has some sort of identity, and they should be able to take pride in it.  

     Unfortunately, those who I thought would be humble, kind and religious minded turned out to be the exact opposite. Soon it dawned on me why so many other people said such terrible things about jews. It wasn’t because these people were nazis, or that they hated religious people, in fact quite the opposite. Many people who put down the jews I knew to be very intelligent and generally kindhearted people. I understood then that people weren’t saying things about the jews because they hated jews for some obscure reason, they said these things about the jews because they were true.

    Ultimately, I began to understand what was going on in the world, and the influence of the jews.  

   Did you ever wonder why jews have been driven out of every country they have inhabited since history has been written? There is a reason, a very good reason.

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